Interpersonal Skills for Managing Poor Performance

Essential tools for managers and team leaders

Managers that find themselves in counselling discussions with staff need to combine the guidelines as set out in the Labour Relations Act with a softer, human skill that enables them to maintain and enhance the self esteem of the staff member being counselled.  If these skills i.e. hard and soft are successfully combined the negative associations of confrontation can be removed from the interaction. Labour Relations is seldom successfully implemented when managers do not have a combination of interpersonal skills with the technical skill.

This is a one-day workshop for team leaders and supervisors who are expected to apply company procedures and the Labour Relations Act.  Often managers and team leaders have the technical skills related to the operational aspects of their jobs, but face serious challenges when it comes to addressing misconduct or incapacity issues. 

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A personal finance management course, designed around a simulation game in two versions:  for the workplace and for school leavers.  Click here  for more information about MyMoneyforLife.

The Quality Framework for Training Providers©

All accredited training providers are required to have a quality management system. The Quality Framework for Training Providers© was developed in association with Graham Purser, a quality management specialist and owner of Triune Business Solutions.
The framework provides the basis for developing a SAQA compliant, customised, elementary policy and procedures manual through a hand-holding and consultation process that facilitates the development of a best-practice quality management system unique to that provider. For more information about our accreditation support, please click here
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